Saturday, 17 September 2011

The show must go on!

Much excitement in Castle Calla today for tomorrow we skip up to Olympia to the Professional Beauty Show - tra-la!
Never has there been so much badly applied fake tan, ratty hair extensions and tacky pink and white nail "enhancements" seen under one roof!
I'll end up queuing for hours for the new Shellac colours or being elbowed out of the way at the Fake Bake counter, and the end of the day I'll be footsore and knackered!
So why, I hear you ask, do I do it?  (or rather we; Alex, who likes to think of himself as the finance director, comes along too)

Well, as much as sometimes I think I'd rather pass a kidney stone rather suffer the madness of a show, it's actually essential to go.  It's where I find out about new treatments, improvements to existing ones, get product samples, new stuff (like the Shellac colours).  Sometimes I can catch up with chums off Salon Geek, where we nip off to the VIP area and chew the fat.

It's exhausting.  But it's also "such fun" on what I call a Sunday!

So, ask me tomorrow night when my poor toes are bruised from all those infernal wheelie trollies that people insist on bringing with them, and my bank account has taken a hammering from the seductive sweetmeats on offer if I've enjoyed it, was it worthwhile.

Pound to a penny the answer is yes - sign me up for the next one!

Thursday, 15 September 2011


So, we all know that life gets in the way sometimes, but really, cancelling your appointment at the last minute does nobody any good and it leaves a very nasty taste in the mouth.
Let's just think it through.  You cancel your 2 hour appointment the day before.  Chances are that the salon can't rebook that time so effectively they've lost that money.  Their turnover is reduced, their margins are reduced (and profit is not a dirty word, remember), and the cost per treatments go up.  We're still having to pay rent, rates, electricity, insurance etc whether we do 10 treatments a week or 50.
Businesses are in business to stay in business, to offer a service, not to go under!

So, next time you decide that you can't be bothered to go to your appointment, or that you got a better offer, don't be surprised if the salon is no longer there, or (more likely), they can't fit you in...

Well hello to you!

Welcome to The Beauty Business Blog.
I'm a beauty therapist and a registered general nurse of some 25 (eek) years' standing.
I've owned my own beauty salon for the last 3 1/2 years building it up from nothing to a thriving, busy, cutting edge salon.
I offer a wide range of treatments but my specialism is skin, so if you're looking to improve a neglected, dull, or damaged skin, I'm ya girl.

This blog is going to be about all things beauty, not just treatments, but about the business side of things too. I also distribute products to other salons and there'll be stuff about the wonderful world of supply chain and 30 day accounts!

I also belong to a web forum for beauty therapists called Salon Geek where I proffer opinion and advice which is always (ahem) gratefully received! Oh yes it is!
If there are questions you want to ask about the beauty biz, go right ahead. I'll do my best to answer them.